Rosemary Colston

Dr Rosemary Colston provides Psychology, Counselling and Hypnotherapy services on the Sunshine Coast with Innovated Life. She maintains therapy space

at the Nambour Tree Tops clinic of Innovated Life.


 Psychologist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist


Rosemary utilizes a combination of leading-edge and traditional treatment methods. She operates from the Transpersonal Psychology framework in the

delivery of counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Positive

Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment modalities.


Rosemary has an excellent reputation for delivering effective and tailored therapy for adults and groups. In addition to individual and couple's

counselling, she has facilitated regular Grief Group Therapy, birth preparation training for expectant mothers and an annual "Coming of Age" retreat

for mothers and daughters in Bali.


Rosemary has a special interest in recovery from trauma and grief, stress, anxiety, depression, life direction, motivation, identity discovery, spiritual growth,

life-stages of development, interpersonal relationships, adjustment to change, and women's health. Rosemary has also received a Ph.D. (Psychology) at

University of the Sunshine Coast for her research into the effects of adult play on happiness and wellbeing.


About Rosemary


She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and two children and has been working in the field of psychology for over twenty years. Rosemary's

professional experience in Psychology includes her research in the area of married couple relationships, her work as a coordinator of support for mental

health clients receiving vocational rehabilitation, roles in psychometric testing, facilitating organizational change and assessing for Centrelink and Disability

Services Queensland, in addition to being a HypnoBirthing child birth educator and a Psychologist in private practice.




During her younger adult years, Rosemary worked and lived overseas in the United States, the

United Kingdom and the Netherlands in childcare, retail and management - providing her with a depth

of life experiences that enhance her capacity to connect with clients.


The colourful and varied path that her life has taken - combined with her special brand of compassionate

care, empathic understanding, unconditional positive regard and intelligent observation - makes her an

exceptional therapist.


Her ability to forge an effective therapeutic alliance is the key to enabling her clients to create the

positive life change they are seeking - and invariably can find - through the right force of will and

revelation of discovery that a shared life journey can invoke.








Dr Rosemary Colston

Ph.D. (Psychology) (Sunshine Coast), B Psych. (Hons) (Griffith), B Beh. Sc. (Griffith)





Rosemary is highly competent and genuinely caring. She has been delivering her exceptional services to the Sunshine Coast community for many years

and continues to offer her services at affordable rates.





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