Hypnotherapy combines the elements of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion with therapeutic understanding.


Hypnosis is conducted through a process of the client being induced into a state of deep relaxation by the hypnotist as a means of bypassing the

critical faculties of mind so that suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious mind. The process is pleasant and the participant is typically

aware throughout the experience and cannot be forced to do anything that he or she does not want to do or that goes against his or her value

system. This technique can be effective at creating short-term behavioural change - such as stopping smoking - but does not address the

subconscious drive or belief system underpinning the destructive or fearful behaviour.


Combining the techniques of hypnosis with therapeutic expertise, however, can create more profound and lasting change by directing the process

to address the underlying issues. Jack Elias of the "Institute of Therapeutic Learning" suggests that:



"Hypnotherapy helps you connect with your genuine need and design and effective

strategy to fulfil that need. Your bad habit or life problem is like a dandelion in your

yard. Trying to solve it with hypnosis is like pulling off the tope of the weed and leaving

its roots in the ground. For a time, you won't see a dandelion in that spot on your lawn,

but as the rain falls and the sun shines, that dandelion will grow back. Hypnotherapy is

like digging out the weed by its root so that it will never grown back again".


Dr Rosemary Colston combines Transpersonal Hypnotherapy techniques with her diverse expertise as a psychologist to help clients create lasting

change. By getting to the subconscious root of the problem, inner conflict between the two drives of the true self (to be loved and to love) and the

egoic self (to be safe from harm) can be resolved, allowing a more profound personal change towards the individual's ultimate self.



                       Edmund Dulac

                    An illustration for "The Firebird"

                    Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Book (1916)

"There he found the Princess asleep and saw that her face was

                      the face he had seen in the portrait"


                  Courtesy of The Spirit of the Ages Collection





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