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Douglas Colston


Douglas lives on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and two children.


Following a career across a variety of Public Sector program and policy areas, he transitioned into Psychology before following a calling to commit to

personal spiritual development - and ultimately, to assist others as a Counsellor, with specific skills in Family and Relationship Counselling (including

that involving Children and Adolescents), Grief Counselling, Conflict Management and the promotion of Self-Esteem and Motivation.


He holds Full Membership of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists - a body that appropriately represents his professional and

research interests.





Throughout the process of his own professional development, Douglas has been greatly influenced by

Transpersonal Psychotherapy principles - and those are closely aligned with his personal spiritual orientation,

which is one guided by Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love.  He has also trained in the spiritual

healing modality of Reiki and conducts focused Spiritual Counselling (for those so interested) which can be

supplemented by Past and Between Life Regression, in addition to Induced After-Death Communication.


The effects of healing involving the Psyche and Spirit is the focus of his current research.






Douglas Colston

G. Dip. Counselling (ACAP), G. Dip. App. Psych. (UCan), B. Sc. (ANU), B. A. (UQ)

Member - International Institute for Complementary Therapists


Within the context of Spiritual Counselling, Douglas applies principles consistent with Transpersonal Psychotherapy with a particular emphasis on

approaches explored in the seminal work, A Course in Miracles (Douglas has studied the Course  and pursues regular mediation on the topics explored

throughout the Course).


"Psychotherapy is a process that changes the view of the self. At best this 'new' self is a more beneficent

self-concept, but psychotherapy can hardly be expected to establish reality. That is not its function. If it

can make way for reality, it has achieved its ultimate success."


From "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice - An Extension of the Principles of 'A Course in Miracles'"


When conducting Past and Between Life Regression sessions, Douglas is guided by Transpersonal Hypnotherapy principles explored by Jack Elias, in

addition to Regression practices established by practitioners and researchers, including Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton and Andy Tomlinson.


In respect of processes related to Induced After-Death Communication, Douglas employs protocols drawn from the work of Dr Allan Botkin.


The Reiki sessions performed by Douglas are based on the Usui method.


Douglas is committed to ensuring accessibility and affordability for clients and has set his fees at a flat $70/hr, regardless of the modality being







Telephone: 0466 977 682

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