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Reiki is a spiritual practice, art and approach to life that promotes connection with Universal energy - it is typically used for stress reduction and

relaxation as a complementary therapy for healing.


The spiritual premise underlying Reiki is that the Universal force flowing through and animating our bodies can influence our state of wellbeing

(including whether we feel stress or are happy and healthy) - and a trained practitioner, through "laying on hands" or by Distance techniques, can

assist in promoting a sense of wellbeing.


The term, "Reiki", is a compound construction of two Japanese words: "Rei" (God's Wisdom, or, the Higher Power); and "Ki" (Life Force).


This modality was initially practiced by Mikao Usui following a spiritually transformative experience that occurred during a period of fasting and

meditation undertaken in association with a Zen Buddhist Monastery. Reiki has, subsequently, become available to Western society throughout

the last century.


Reiki may be performed on adults and children.



            A vintage photograph of Mikao Usui


Reiki sessions at Innovated Life are performed by Douglas Colston (these may include "hands on" or Distance sessions, upon request).


He is a trained Reiki Practitioner (Usui Method) and is also a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).




Each session performed by Douglas includes traditional techniques, including Byosen Reikan-ho, Reiji-ho and Nentatsu-ho and specific attention

to each of the Chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow [Third Eye] and Crown) - in addition to Chakra clearing and balancing.





What can you expect from a Reiki session?


Outcomes from Reiki sessions vary, but it is a simple, natural and safe spiritual modality that everyone can access.


Some people experience a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around them, others will become intensely relaxed - and some people

can have intensely transformative experiences.


Below, we show a sample of the feedback received by Douglas after he has performed Reiki sessions.


Testimonial 1 (Distance Session)


Wow ... that was lovely!


I felt my Third Eye pinging to begin with and then had this wonderful sense of being supported.


I felt someone cup my feet with their hands and I felt like they were saying to me, "You can now let

go of other people's dramas as they are not yours - remember to stand in love and peace because

that's where you are".


I automatically felt a sense of release and calm.


I also felt a presence in the room - it was watching over me as the session took place.


The day after the session, I noticed quite a significant change in my state of being - it was neither

good nor bad, but I would say "dialed up" - in particular, my ability to understand where people

(even people I don't know) are communicating from - whether it be a space of fear or rejection,

a space of lack of love, a space of scarcity or a space of manipulation. I've always been able to

sense this, but more so than ever at the moment. I am sitting with it and observing through

every moment.


Thank you for helping me turn up the dials!





Testimonial 2 (Distance Session)


Thank you very much for the Reiki.


I lay on the bed and surrendered into the process. I then felt waves of calming subtle vibrating

energy that relaxed me into a feeling of peace.


Next I noticed the feeling of my Chakras being balanced - starting at my head and moving down

to begin with. There was notable activity with the Throat Chakra - where a feeling of pain

surfaced and disappeared. It felt as though the Chakras were done down and up through the

body several times, as I just felt the energy moving freely (and each time with intensified

calm) - until I finally acquiesced to the mounting peace and allowed the body to turn to the

side and sleep. I think this would have been possibly half an hour or more into the experience

and I woke up half an hour after you stopped.


I do feel better than I did as the pain in my head and the nausea have resolved. I do have some

tenderness still in my gut area, but that is greatly improved - and importantly, I feel less

fatigued (which I was still struggling with prior to the session, despite sleeping until 10am



The session was a blessing and so timely.


Thank you for your kindness.





Reiki sessions - either in the Clinic or by Distance - are charged at $70 for each 1-hour session (and for frequent clients, there's a special

bonus - each fifth session is free!).


To organize a session and payment, please make contact (by telephone or email) and we will work with you to schedule your Reiki experience.








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