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What is your pain?

• Do you feel an emotional ache inside which you can’t explain or fix?

• Maybe you feel misunderstood and lonely even when you’re in company?

• Do you feel chronically unseen and unheard even by those that say they love you?

• Do you wonder who you really are?

• Perhaps life is lacking in deeper meaning and purpose for you?

• Does it take considerable effort with little reward to get through the day?

• Do you feel like the hapless victim of forces unknown?

• Sometimes life can lead you to feel disconnected and out of step without you knowing how, why or when it even happened.


A simple explanation

We are all born with a simple and pure drive to be loved and to love. This drive – called the Organismic Valuing Process – means that we
are hardwired to not mearly survive, but to thrive, to grow and to be more of who we really are. Unfortunately, during our young lives, some of what we learn is not resonant with real love.

In this early state of mental development, we do not have the discernment to recognize that mistruth, nor do we have the resourcefulness to resist it. We unwittingly internalize that damaging information – which runs counter to love – and the subsequent faulty core beliefs set off a sequence of events that leave us feeling defective and poorly equipped to cope with the world (that is then perceived as an unreliable and confusing place).


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”



A better way to be

It is psychologist Rosemary Colston’s mission to assist you to rediscover your inner wisdom and personal truth so that you can be more loving and authentic than you have ever been before.

Rosemary Colston

Rosemary can help you to set free the masterful self within so you can better direct your thoughts, moods, feeling and actions to create more of the life that you want. This will enable you to respond to whatever life presents – from the extraordinary to the mundane – with increased grace and positive purpose, unburdened by the errors of shame and defectiveness with the ultimate goal being to know and make peace with your true self.


“I saw the Angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”



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