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The Banished Mayan Princess

A spectacularly immersive Past Life Regression hypnosis session allowed a client to access extensive recall of events from the life of a banished

Mayan Princess, undertake spiritual therapy to heal psychic wounds in that life and identify and release repetitive karmic lessons that were still

impacting in the current lifetime.


For the purposes of this Case Study, we will refer to this client as Susan (not her real name).



Susan arrived for her session in the late afternoon and was enthusiastic to participate in the Regression. Through the intake process, it was established

that Susan was in her mid-30s, married and had three children. She reported that she had good experiences with Meditation, but had otherwise not

undertaken Hypnosis in the past (although she had some general level of understanding of what could occur during a Past Life Regression). In exploring

potential Past Life influences with Susan, it emerged that she was aware of being drawn to (or having an affinity or interest in) four primary periods -

those associated with Ancient Egypt, the Salem Witch Trials, pre-European settlement North America (in particular, an agrarian society) and the



In terms of issues and relationships arising in her current life that may be relevant to the Past Life Regression session, Susan confirmed that she had

come from a relatively large family (with both brothers and sister), that she had a childhood marked with parental abuse (but maintained contact with

both parents) and had a small number of older female relatives with whom she was close. Generally, she stated that she had difficulties with forming

relationships with other women and struggled with Trust.


Initial Regression (through earlier current Life and the Womb)

Susan quickly became immersed in the Hypnotic process and was able to establish a safe and comfortable natural setting from which she could begin

her experience. She provided the following description of that location: "it's a garden, it's very green with flowers - the sky is blue, I can hear water,

birds and children and older people laughing". Susan identified that it felt, in that place, as if it had just rained and that it was "fresh" - she overtly stated

she was happy in that location.


When asked to imagine and describe a staircase in the sky (part of the transition to her Soul's timeline), she did so easily - the staircase was "like a

hologram, transparent, but solid - with no rails". When she got to the top of the staircase, she was able to identify that her Past extended to her left.


An Age Regression process followed, with Susan stopping at a scene from her current life which she was 10 years of age. She described being with her

siblings at a Church camp - wearing "a pink jumper and jeans" and having her hair "in a pony tail". She recounted that her parents were close by, but

not in her immediate vicinity. In addition to being happy and occupied with simply playing with her siblings, Susan noted the following thoughts,

"you're a good girl" and "you're doing the right thing". The scene was brought to a close as Susan and her siblings were about to go inside for some

singing. She reported - from the perspective of the higher Self - that she had been shown that scene during this session so that she could appreciate

that even though it was pleasant feeling to have been complying with social norms (by "doing the right thing" as "a good girl"), those feelings were,

ultimately, unimportant.


A further Age Regression followed - to an age which Susan identified as "about 2" years of age - where she was immersed in an experience playing in

her room (which she shared with her brother). Susan confirmed the room had "dark brick walls" and could see toys in the room, but the play was

generally directly with her brother (whom she "loved very much"). She was able to identify that she had short hair and was wearing denim overalls.

Towards the end of that experience, Susan stated that her mother had come into the room and taken her brother out (Susan said she had felt only

slightly upset at her brother's removal - principally because her mother had taken away a good playmate).


An additional Age Regression occurred - to a period when Susan was in the womb. Initially, she reported a sense of "anticipating", in addition to

some physical restriction (although she was still capable of some movement). Susan could sense that her mother was "nervous" and she could

hear her mother's heartbeat. Asked to pay attention to her mother's energy, Susan said she felt like she had "worked with her before" and that

she had an impression that her mother's nervousness arose from some conflict that had occurred with her father at the time. This understanding

prompted a "protectiveness" within the womb that was extended from Susan to her mother. At this time, Susan was aware that part of her life's

mission was "about healing". Susan also mentioned that she had an impression that her Soul had travelled in and out of the body earlier, but that

by this time (the 6-7 month point in the pregnancy), her Soul had joined the body for the final time.



Past Life - Banished Mayan Princess

Susan was then taken to a Past Life that was of relevance to an underlying issue in her current life - nominally, at this point, that had been described as "issues with trust".


Initially, Susan found herself in a jungle setting - aged "about 6-7" years old. She felt like a girl, but was "young" and with other people. She was outside during the day, but due to the jungle canopy, it was still dim. She was able to see and feel that she was barefoot - and was able to sense the dampness of the ground and leaves. Her body was "able" and while she wore no clothing "on top", she senses that she had some adornment (possible by way of earrings). The body in that life - later identified with a woman named 'Myra' - was strong, but short, with dark hair and caramel coloured skin. Myra was comfortable in the tropical warmth of the day - despite being in the cool shade of the jungle canopy - but was afraid. She had a sense that she was hiding - relatively poorly - and that something important was going to happen.


Myra was taken to a later time in her life - the second portion of the Past Life Regression occurred when Myra was in her "late teens or early 20s". As the scene opened, Myra was scared, holding a male child in her arms while at the top of a flight of stone carved stairs. Myra was feeling "very protective" and worried about what was "going to happen". Myra was still in the jungle, but at the top of a structure facing down a group of men. Her body felt strong and powerful, but Myra was still aware of her vulnerability. The men advancing on Myra took her child and she was beaten as a consequence of her opposition.


Myra was again taken to a later period in her life - she found herself immersed in a time of her old age ("about 80"). She reported that she was living alone in the jungle, but that people visited on occasions. Myra had been ostracised or banished from her community due to her opposition to her son being taken (as it turned out, for military training) at an early age. She had been protected to some extent, however, by the relationship she had formed prior to her son's birth (she had joined with someone of high rank and gained some deference as a consequence of that relationship - and that with her son who was also of high rank). Her son continued to visit - despite what Myra considered were risks (for herself and for her son) and it was as a consequence of her mistrust of the society that had punished her previously that she continued to live a hermit-like existence (her son, for example, often asked her to rejoin him in a larger settlement under his protection). At this time, Myra identified that this was a Mayan civilization and confirmed that it was a particularly violent life. In her old age, Myra had been able to survive due to her knowledge of the land and the offerings that were sometimes left by visitors. She was aware that she had grandchildren - through her son - but she had never met them.


               Above, we show a Mayan staircase at the Nakbe Temple


Taken to the last day of Myra's life, she found herself alone, lying down in the same shelter she had identified previously (although his was many

years later). Myra was in extreme old age and had no fear of death - she simply felt tired and generally welcoming of the end of life. She was aware

that her life was ending, being very frail - and reported that her death felt like "falling asleep". Myra had expected for death to be an absolute end,

but was pleasantly surprised when her Soul moved from the body - with "a whoosh - like wind through the trees".


Past Life Review

Myra reported being at peace with her life, in addition to being grateful. She realized the "running and hiding and being alone are things" she no

longer wanted to do. A further epiphany was that "being afraid of the unknown or of what others say or think is not a good enough reason for

self-exile". At the level of the higher Self, there was a recognition that Myra's son had the same energy as Susan's current partner. One regret

that Myra expressed was having not met her grandchildren. A further insight - from the perspective of the higher Self was that "there is nothing

to be afraid of - we create stories in our head and people who love you will still maintain contact even if we think it is risky for them". Myra had

been a powerful woman who had been aware of her power and connection with the earth. A karmic pattern - of being powerful, but having

that power taken and subsequent withdrawal - was also identified.


Soul Regression Therapy

An initial therapeutic intervention occurred through having Myra meet with her grandchildren at the Soul level (this was a "neutral place"). Myra

found that she cried with joy upon meeting her grandchildren, hugged and kissed them and was quite content to listen to their tales. In turn, her

grandchildren were effusive in telling her all about their adventures in life. Myra felt that her regrets had been addressed by this intervention.


To address the karmic pattern related to distrust following attacks against personal power, therapy was also undertaken by calling for the

assistance of other past lives that had the same experience. In Susan's case, at least 6 other lives appeared - Myra's was not one that could be

clearly identified (3 could be clearly identified, including male and female Native American lives and another from Ancient Egypt). The visceral

sensation associated with the karmic pattern was identified in Susan's chest and was handed to her past incarnations to transform and release

to the universe.


Final messages from Susan's higher Self included: "trust yourself"; "pay attention to your own voice only, it's truth and it's knowledge";

"remember to be excited - it's time to let the repetition behind"; and "have faith, be true, be love and give".





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